Hello from Ruth!

In August ´15 we went to Gibraltar and I saw my first monkeys in nature :)

© Niklas Illenseer

Hi there,

I´m Ruth and one of the two Germans here.

 I love travelling and in my 21 years here on earth I guess I´ve seen quite a bit.

As a child I saw a lot of Germany and Europe since my Mum never wanted to go on “big” vacations. Our favorite destination was my aunties little bach in Damp a the Baltic sea where we would spend days at the beach and go horseriding.  It was after school that I finally could go as far as possible and stayed in New Zealand for 9 months, which I absolutely loved.  But even more important: There I discovered how much I love seeing new countries, meeting new people, experience other cultures and just get out of my “normal” life.  Now I am in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain, doing my ERASMUS and exploring the country. Pretty sure there´s more to come!

Since New Zealand and after I´ve loved to share my experiences on my blog and that´s why I am so excited about tripsntravels.

But why would you even bother starting a new blog then?

Well, that´s easy:

If you like travelling you probably know this: everytime you want to go to a new place it´s the same questions over and over again:

What do I need to see?

What is totally overrated?

What´s the secret spot to go to?

Where do I get the best food?

What´s the cheapest and nicest hostel?

How do I get there best?

So, hopefully we can help you sort this out!!!

Happy Travels!



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