Eat Your World

Some people may ask me “Paige, what’s your favourite thing about traveling?” Is it the views? The photos? The people you meet along the way? Yes, yes! It’s all that. But one of my FAVOURITE things about traveling is the FOOD!

Eating food in different countries and cities is a great way of experiencing culture first hand. Food brings people together and is a shared point of interest when getting to know others. Plus, it tastes so good! My shared love for food and travel is what sparked my interest in Eat Your World, “a guide to regional food and drinks around the globe founded on the principle that what you eat depends on where you are.”

Eat Your World is run by Laura Siciliano-Rosen, a travel-food writer, and Scott Rosen, a photographer. They share my philosophy that eating food in new places is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Eat Your World is a fantastic accessible and interactive website and blog for food and travel lovers.

One of their functions is spotlighting food and drinks that are native or traditional to different areas around the world; this includes locally grown or made food. This is an amazing asset to travellers who have never been to an area, or travellers who are just looking for a new place to eat!

With this map, you can search for regional foods by clicking on any of the pinpoints. As you can see, it’s incredibly diverse!

For example, if you click on Spain, it takes you to a page describing the local cuisine, blog posts by the couple, and user submitted content. See below, their pick of best food in San Sebastián: Pintxos of course! They list the best places to get a pintxo in one of the food capitals of Spain.


EYW’s page on pintxos in San Sebastián! © Paige Grover

A great thing about EYW is that they don’t want to just brag about where they have traveled and what culinary experiences they’ve enjoyed. They invite all individuals to get involved and post their own photos and stories describing their culinary adventures; food they’ve enjoyed, cooking practices they’ve learned, and specific restaurant experiences. This shared community of food and travel lovers alike is why I am so excited to share this website. Eat Your World is the perfect place to express fondness for enjoying food around the globe to enhance every travel experience.

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