How to organize a trip to Madrid?

Houses of Madrid

©Julia Renke

This whole blog is about our experiences with trips and traveling that may help you to check out what to do.

But what other websites may help you went you want to travel? Especially if you want to plan everything on your own?

The internet offers a huge choice of different blogs, websites, articles and different stuff which could help you. But the amount of possibilities is way too big to decide. That’s why we want to show you some of our favorite sources for planning a trip. For example a trip to the beautiful capital of Spain: Madrid!

At first you have to decide how to go there. By plane? Train? Bus? Car? You have to compare different prices and find out what’s the cheapest and fastest way to go Madrid. If you want to check on different types to go there you can visit websites like rome2rio or go euro. They give you a first overview about all the different possibilities. On the other hand you don’t have the possibility to check the prices for a flexible range of dates or origins.

If you are sure, that you want (or have to) go by plane to Madrid, you should check the different prices online. Skyscanner gives you the possibility to see the prices for a whole month. The best way to find the cheapest flight if you are flexible! Kayak is a another good website to compare flight prices. You can look for specific dates, +/- 3 days or other options. Moreover, there is the possibility to add different airports which are not far away from the cities you entered. This is helpful is you live in an area with some airports not far away and you don’t really care which one you fly from.

If you wan to go to Madrid by bus, train or car, you are probably already in Spain. To book your train ticket, you should check Renfe. You will get a better price if you book early or if you book a seat for 4 persons. Good opportunity if you travel with a group of friends! For going by bus you should check on ALSA or Movelia. You can book all tickets directly online or at a bus station. For going by car, you can rent a car which is a little expensive or you can join a person who’s anyways going to Madrid. You will find nice opportunities on BlaBlaCar.

Usually the train is the fastest way to travel in Spain, but is more expensive than the bus. The bus system is pretty good and cheap, so it will cost you for example around 20 Euro to go from the North of Spain to Madrid. But you can make a good deal going by train if you book early. BlaBlaCar is always nice because you meet new people. You have to find someone who is driving the time you like, but if you want someone, it will probably fast and cheap.

Of course, you also need an accommodation. Of course, you can go on popular websites to compare prices for hostels and hotels like Booking, Hostelbookers or Tripadvisor. If you want to get to know the people in Madrid, you can also use Airbnb. You will live in a whole flat of someone or in a separated room with different peoples who are living in Madrid. This is a safe and nice opportunity. Moreover, it is cheap compared to other possibilities of renting an apartment. Even cheaper is Couchsurfing. You sleep on the couch, a guest bed or something else in the apartment of someone in Madrid for free. Most times that’s not as comfortable as other possibilities but it’s a nice way to get to know people from different cities and countries!

That should be enough! There are a lot of possibilities for you – now go and plan your next trip to Madrid!



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