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Travel Plans

© Ruth Rottwitt

Julia already told you how to make all the neccesary bookings and plan the where, when and how. So let´s focus on how to get the best out of your stay!

It´s the same for all of us. When going to a new city with a limited amount of time we only want to see the most beautiful things and do the most fun stuff. Next to the Must Dos, of course. But what are these things? What are the secret little spots you must see? Tripadvisor is my favorite page to figure out what to do and see. Here other travellers tell about their experiences, list activities, accomodation, restaurants and bars and with the Star-system it´s easy for you to decided what´s your favorite.

Timeout is another great option, similar to Tripadvisor, to find tips for your stay.

The most obvious way to explore a new city are the red tourist busses of City-Sightseeing which you will find in almost every city and cannot miss. Usually they are more or less cheap but let you hop on and off whereever you feel like it.

However, I prefer not going on the bus but taking my time and walking a city because I believe it let´s me see more little details. Therefore I love the free walking tours that you can find everywhere,too. Putting “free walking tour” and your destination´s name will lead you to a lot of results like Free Tours by Foot. These tours don´t cost you a cent and in the end you just pay what you think it was worth. I have the feeling this is the reason for the guides being more motivated and giving better tours. Try it out next time!

I´m sure you´ve heard of this since it was so popular and everyone seemed to “check-in”. You probably know what I´m talking about: Foursquare. This service let´s you search for places in any city, shows you where your friends have been and just recently started to remind your preferences and leads you to similar spots. There goes our data – but, well. What I really like about Foursquare is that it´s offered also as an app and you can use it on the go, receiving advices around your current location.

I could keep going for ages listing tons of nice services and websites but I guess this is my favorite selection and should assure you having a brilliant trip!

So have fun, enjoy and HAPPY TRAVELS!

P.S. Never forget to check the weather!



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