Find Food Wherever You Are

I’m going to keep talking about my favourite topic – food. Julia has told you how to get to your destination, Ruth has told you how to find things to do once you’re there, so it’s only fitting that I give you some tips about eating while traveling!

Traditional Pintxos in Pamplona

Traditional Pintxos in Pamplona © Paige Grover

A popular website to find restaurants is one that Ruth already mentioned, TripAdvisor, where you can search for restaurants based on where you are going, and sort them based on food type, ratings, price, etc. Another website similar to this is Yelp which has restaurants from around the world. Again, you can search for food based on where you’ll be and filter it by type of food or ratings. If you’re looking for an on-the-go version, Urbanspoon is a great app that performs similar searches!

Another great website to get a feel for what the locals eat, is Spotted By Locals! In their About Us section they state, “We handpick our locals (‘Spotters’) and meet them in person in their city. Our Spotters live in the city they write about, speak the local language, write only about their favourite spots, and keep their articles up-to-date”. You can choose the location you wish to go to, then read reviews about different places people who know the area recommend! But if choose to visit a restaurant, don’t forget to check OpenTable to see if you can make a reservation from the comfort of your home!

For a different culinary experience, check out Eat With! This cool website has found different chefs around the world who will serve you from the comfort of their own home! They put together their own menus, and you get to watch the chef cook the food and get to know them in the process! You just put what city you will be in, and different “events” on different dates will pop up showing you the chef and what they will be cooking! Another website with a similar concept is Meal Sharing.

If having someone else cook for you isn’t your thing, maybe try one of MANY cooking classes offered around the world! This is a fabulous way to learn more about the culture you’re visiting by making traditional dishes! And learning a thing or two about cooking while you’re at it! Check out The International Kitchen to find cooking classes around the globe! This way, you can relive your travels when back at home for cooking traditional cuisine for all of your friends and family.

I hope you take in all of this information for your next trip – and have some food-filled fun!



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