Aspirational Work I: 12 hrs

12 hours

©12 hours

It would be silly of us to only write and write and write without looking on what other people do to help you plan your perfect trip. There is an unknown number of travel blogs, “how to spend a day in”, etc. …. That makes it hard to find the one that suits you best. I´ve been clicking through loads of blogs, liking most of them but today I want to show you my favorite one.

12 hrs.

 “Travel Guide for people like you.”

That should speak for itself. But let them tell you a bit more about themselves.

Travel Guides off the beaten paths, filled with secret spots, flavor and design.”

Søren Jepsen, one of the founders of 12 hours, does the photos and design not only for this blog but for several others.



12 hour long iteneraries that boil down the best a place has to offer in one hand shedule.

Not only Søren but also Anna Peuckert, the second founder, have experience with writing for national and international newspapers like Vogue UK.

©12 hours

©12 hrs

“Collected by us, for you, to help you get the best out of your trip.”

“You” at 12 hrs means people that like travelling but also design, fashion and art. But the authors even go further. They show how to explore any city in 12 hours, leaving out the obvious touristy stuff, showing their favorite secret spots instead.

The first thing you will enjoy when visiting 12 hrs are the beautiful photos. For more of these, you should like me, follow their Instagram. In general their Social Media strategy is amazing and they seem to be on any channel possible.


Then I love how they meet locals, tell their stories and show their favorite spots. After I´ve just recently been to Barcelona I enjoyed reading their feature with Nuria where she  took them to a couple of her favorite places like the Park de Montjuic or  La Boqueria. Surprise, those two also are some of our favorites – “A weekend in Barcelona” coming up soon;)


©12 hrs alltomorrowparties

But they don´t only do 12 hours trips. Anna and Søren also blog about places they really enjoy may it be a new popupstore in New Zealand,  a Hotel in Paris or a Café in Geneva.

The shelter in Auckland, New Zealand

©12 hrs The shelter in Auckland, New Zealand

My favourite section on 12 hrs, though, is – surprise – the photostories.Take a look at On the streets of Milan and admire, might it be the art of taking photos or the beauty of the women.

©12 hrs. Isn´t this how you´d imagine Milan?

©12 hrs. Isn´t this how you´d imagine Milan?

I like their straight line, their passion and affection. So don´t miss this jewel.

Oh, and after clicking through all the nice stories don´t forget to sign up for the newsletter and planning your next trips.

Happy Travels! 🙂

PS. We got an Instagram-Feed !!!! Hurray!



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