Have a look at Jungles in Paris!

This week we want to recommend you some other travel blogs which did especially in the last year a great job showing us the different places and cultures off the world. Ruth already showed you her favourite blog, which is awesome! Have a look on her post about 12 hours!

I would love to present you the blog Jungles in Paris which is a great site of travel experience, photography and video.



They don’t tell you directly, what kind of stuff you need to do when you visit a country, but they inform you extremely good and interesting about different cultures, animals, nature or people in countries all over the world. With this kind of transmedia journalism, they take you with them to all the places they have visited and the stories behind it.

Jungles in Paris is written by Darrell and Oliver Hartman, two brothers, who already have experience in writing. They get help from different people how to great photography or video documentation – that’s how their blog becomes a multimedia experience!

Painted Ladies - ©Jungles in Paris

Painted Ladies – ©Jungles in Paris

Grizzlies of Greater Yellowstone - ©Jungles in Paris

Grizzlies of Greater Yellowstone – ©Jungles in Paris

The reason why they want to show you all these pictures, videos, stories and background information?

“The planet has been charted and documented, and yet there are still discoveries to be made. Unfamiliar ways of living and extreme natural environments help us gain perspective…Jungles in Paris attempts to tell edifying, inspiring stories that celebrate the multi-colored variety of the world around us” (Jungles in Paris)

If you want to get to know these great guys better, have a look at these Interview with Darrell and Oliver Hartman by The Widow. Moreover, you can find Jungles in Paris on nearly every social media channel and never miss a new interesting story. Have a look at Jungles in Paris on facebook, twitter or Instagram!

I really recommend their blog because they do such a professional and interesting work and I hope you also have a look on the blog of these talented guys and enjoy the stories about culture, geography, wildlife and so much more.

And for sure, enjoy your own next trip!



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