Blogging, blogging, blogging and looking back

During the past few weeks we needed to blog every week at least about one topic and share one post with the community. This was a really good experience for me! Although I already had experiences in blogging, multimedia and social media, this task in the class of James Breiner showed me that there is still a lot to learn. I understand know how important it is to insert links, pictures and – for me the most important learning – to blog regularly. I try to keep this in my mind!

Everything started a few weeks ago with a little post – presenting ourself and our connection to the topic travelling. As you can read in the article travelling gets more and more important to me and I will like after this exchange adventure, I still want to see more. More nature, more cultures, more people, more different countries. All in all: More trips and more travel.

Durin the research for my own blog post I founds some blogs which are really great and I totally recommend. I just to read different travel blogs before but since we started our own blog my view was more focused, I concentrated on different parts of the blog and tried to find some blogs which really make a good job. That was for example Canvas of light. He shows how important good photography is to make your blog look awesome. Moreover, he shows the connection between photography and travelling with his beautiful pictures of natures, culture and landscape. This blog was really inspiring for me because I love photography and learn to get better.

© Canvas of light

© Canvas of light

Another blog which was really impressing for me is Jungles in Paris. They use different ways of presenting information to make their blog more interesting. This kind of transmedia journalism is really interesting for me as a communication student and I think they do a fantastic job telling you stories about different countries, cultures and landscapes.

©Jungles in Paris

©Jungles in Paris

Besides the two blogs I presented, there are different blogs which were presented by Ruth and Paige! Have a look at these ones aswell! There are wonderful food blogs like Eat Your World or Melting Butter. If you like to get a great overview what you can do in a short time, have a look at 12 hours or be a part of a trip around the world without any money and get to know Journeyman.

As promised, we showed you aswell how to organize your next trip. With different links and hopefully helpful comments, you can start planning your next trip!

For me the time writing on this blog was really fun and helpful. I am still very happy with my team and hope that we will continue our friendship, blog and travel experience! ❤

By the way: Travel experience – check out our travel map if you are interested which places we already visited!



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