A Reflection: My Blogging Experience

I was never sure if I was one for blogging. Before leaving for my exchange, my mother pleaded with me to write a blog about my travels, but I told her I would be too busy with school. I think, truthfully, I didn’t know the first thing about writing a blog or how to get started! Luckily for me, I enrolled in Multimedia Communication and had to start this blog as an assignment!

I partnered up with Ruth and Julia, and posted my first ever blog post – a post introducing myself and talking about why our topic (trips and travels) is so close to my heart. Over the past few weeks, we’ve had to write blog posts with different assignments in mind. I can’t think of a more pleasurable assignment than having to look at other travel blogs and read about one of my favourite subjects!

You’ll see a theme throughout most of my blog posts… I love food! Which is why I’ve tried to write about travel with foodies in mind. I blogged about Eat Your World in September – a fantastic food blog. I found this blog while looking for a relevant case study to blog about, and I was able to talk about how this website contains all the qualities of a great blog.

More pictures I've taken of food...

More pictures I’ve taken of food… © Paige Grover

Continuing my desire to write about food, I next posted Find Food Wherever You Are. This assignment post was to find references and sources that make your blog useful to readers! This was fantastic because I got to share my knowledge on how to find the best places to eat, while Julia talked about how to get to your destination and Ruth discussed how to make a trip easy to plan. All in all, our blog was coming along!

The next post was to be about a prominent figure in our area of interest (aka travel, and more specific for me – more food)! I discussed Melting Butter, another wonderful travel food blog. Ruth covered 12 hrs and Julia wrote about Jungles in Paris.

Creating this blog and working at it week after week has taught me so much. As previously mentioned, I never thought I was the cut out for blogging, but I’ve come to really enjoy it. In fact, I created my own personal blog after this experience, Paige in Pamplona. I’m fulfilling my mother’s wishes and posting about my travels for all my family back home 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 4.47.27 PM

© Paige Grover

As for now, I’ll keep working at my personal blog and who knows? Ruth, Julia and I may just keep on working together!

Ciao for now!



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