tripntravels: teaching me!

As you may know, tripntravels was started by Paige, Julia and me as a group project in the class Multimedia Communication at the university of Navarra. Each week we were giving new tasks to enhance or blogging skills and gain experiences in the usage of multimedia. To not only do randome excercises we had to choose a topic, which obviously for us was travelling and especially short trips.

As all of us are either already in our last years of uni and write our own blogs, we already had quite a few experiences and knowledge of how blogging and how to do what. But still it was a good to revue best practices and try out some new tools.

I started my other blog when I went to live in New Zealand, mostly for my family and friends to see what I´m up to. That´s why I never cared about linkbuilding, traffic or having an instagram or twitter account. Since I´m planning to do a around the world trip after graduation, though, I´m very interested in improving my blogging skills and learning how to create a succesful blog. So next to reading other succesful blogs, it was great practicing myself a bit. In the close future I will probably move all the content from rutharoundtheglobe to a wordpress account to kick off being more professional.

One of our tasks was to talk about something related to our topic that was inspirational. I´ve always been a big fan of Fabian Sixtus Körner but now I got the chance to talk about it. Also, this post showed me how nice it can be to talk about something else except your travels all the time. For our Group it was great to see what my friends liked to get to know more about them and to somehow establish roles in the team. Julia for example became our photo expert, while Paige the food-junkie.

The next post was meant to be about tools that are useful for our blog. In our case: any websites you use for travelling – I got excited about that because these website didn´t only mean a blogpost but rather better travels for us. In this case the research was even more fun than ever and now we got our collection to plan travels from the general surroundings, to planning activities and last but not least: food.

Last week we were meant to talk about the best work done on our topic this year. I really enjoyed this again because it made me take time to look at other blogs.Usually I am so planned that I never let myself read blog but now I actually had an excuse: it´s homework. Again: here I learned more than in any class, you see what works for a blog. When looking at successful blogs you figure out what they do different and take a little bit of that for yourself. Myself learned that the more you focus on a niche or a certain topic the better. 12hrs for example do 12 hour long trips in any city but with a focus on design and art. From Jungle in Paris I learned how important multimedia in fact is, not only Social media but also including different types of media in your blog.

Right now, we are unsure what will happen to tripntravels after this class – I hope we manage to keep doing it. But if we do, I am sure we have learned a lot and will be better bloggers than before. Thanks to Mr. Breiner and the www we learned things without even noticing. Isn´t that great? So let´s see, what will happen and never say never.

As always: Happy Travels, talk soon,


PS: Yes we learned it is good to put photos, but right now there´s no photo I would want to put here (I don´t like randomeness) 😉


Aspirational Work I: 12 hrs

12 hours

©12 hours

It would be silly of us to only write and write and write without looking on what other people do to help you plan your perfect trip. There is an unknown number of travel blogs, “how to spend a day in”, etc. …. That makes it hard to find the one that suits you best. I´ve been clicking through loads of blogs, liking most of them but today I want to show you my favorite one.

12 hrs.

 “Travel Guide for people like you.”

That should speak for itself. But let them tell you a bit more about themselves.

Travel Guides off the beaten paths, filled with secret spots, flavor and design.”

Søren Jepsen, one of the founders of 12 hours, does the photos and design not only for this blog but for several others.



12 hour long iteneraries that boil down the best a place has to offer in one hand shedule.

Not only Søren but also Anna Peuckert, the second founder, have experience with writing for national and international newspapers like Vogue UK.

©12 hours

©12 hrs

“Collected by us, for you, to help you get the best out of your trip.”

“You” at 12 hrs means people that like travelling but also design, fashion and art. But the authors even go further. They show how to explore any city in 12 hours, leaving out the obvious touristy stuff, showing their favorite secret spots instead.

The first thing you will enjoy when visiting 12 hrs are the beautiful photos. For more of these, you should like me, follow their Instagram. In general their Social Media strategy is amazing and they seem to be on any channel possible.


Then I love how they meet locals, tell their stories and show their favorite spots. After I´ve just recently been to Barcelona I enjoyed reading their feature with Nuria where she  took them to a couple of her favorite places like the Park de Montjuic or  La Boqueria. Surprise, those two also are some of our favorites – “A weekend in Barcelona” coming up soon;)


©12 hrs alltomorrowparties

But they don´t only do 12 hours trips. Anna and Søren also blog about places they really enjoy may it be a new popupstore in New Zealand,  a Hotel in Paris or a Café in Geneva.

The shelter in Auckland, New Zealand

©12 hrs The shelter in Auckland, New Zealand

My favourite section on 12 hrs, though, is – surprise – the photostories.Take a look at On the streets of Milan and admire, might it be the art of taking photos or the beauty of the women.

©12 hrs. Isn´t this how you´d imagine Milan?

©12 hrs. Isn´t this how you´d imagine Milan?

I like their straight line, their passion and affection. So don´t miss this jewel.

Oh, and after clicking through all the nice stories don´t forget to sign up for the newsletter and planning your next trips.

Happy Travels! 🙂

PS. We got an Instagram-Feed !!!! Hurray!

How to make your day a YAY!:)

Travel Plans

© Ruth Rottwitt

Julia already told you how to make all the neccesary bookings and plan the where, when and how. So let´s focus on how to get the best out of your stay!

It´s the same for all of us. When going to a new city with a limited amount of time we only want to see the most beautiful things and do the most fun stuff. Next to the Must Dos, of course. But what are these things? What are the secret little spots you must see? Tripadvisor is my favorite page to figure out what to do and see. Here other travellers tell about their experiences, list activities, accomodation, restaurants and bars and with the Star-system it´s easy for you to decided what´s your favorite.

Timeout is another great option, similar to Tripadvisor, to find tips for your stay.

The most obvious way to explore a new city are the red tourist busses of City-Sightseeing which you will find in almost every city and cannot miss. Usually they are more or less cheap but let you hop on and off whereever you feel like it.

However, I prefer not going on the bus but taking my time and walking a city because I believe it let´s me see more little details. Therefore I love the free walking tours that you can find everywhere,too. Putting “free walking tour” and your destination´s name will lead you to a lot of results like Free Tours by Foot. These tours don´t cost you a cent and in the end you just pay what you think it was worth. I have the feeling this is the reason for the guides being more motivated and giving better tours. Try it out next time!

I´m sure you´ve heard of this since it was so popular and everyone seemed to “check-in”. You probably know what I´m talking about: Foursquare. This service let´s you search for places in any city, shows you where your friends have been and just recently started to remind your preferences and leads you to similar spots. There goes our data – but, well. What I really like about Foursquare is that it´s offered also as an app and you can use it on the go, receiving advices around your current location.

I could keep going for ages listing tons of nice services and websites but I guess this is my favorite selection and should assure you having a brilliant trip!

So have fun, enjoy and HAPPY TRAVELS!

P.S. Never forget to check the weather!

Stories of a Journeyman

I first heard of Fabian Sixtus Körner when I was researching events to talk about in our radio station back home.

One guy, 5 continents and a lot of jobs.” All of that with 255€. He booked a one way ticket to Shanghai, sold his stuff and left.

“WOW”, I thought. I want to see this. So I went to Cafebar Rossi, ordered a Chai Latte and saw his photos.

Amazing photos. 


© Fabian Sixtus Koerner


© Fabian Sixtus Koerner


© Fabian Sixtus Koerner


© Fabian Sixtus Koerner

That´s how I became a fan. I started following his blog, reading his book and just finding out more about his travels. At the same time he became a shooting star in Germany. With his book in the “Spiegel Bestseller List” for a decent amount of time and also reaching publicity all around the globe.

The reason why I am (and probably a lot of others, too) so impressed by him is simple:

He travels in a way I am dreaming of, but probably wasn´t brave enough at that time. So I wanted to learn from him. Inspired by the traditional journeymen, Fabian Sixtus Körner decided to be a design-journeyman.

Not booking hostels, staying with locals, working for accomodation and food, really experiencing the local culture.

That´s proper travelling, I´d say.

That´s not the only impressive fact, though. What hes been doing since this travel is inspirational, too:

He has written a book, read it around Germany, did exhibitions like the one I went to, hold TED talks and of course kept travelling and blogging about it.

Unfortunately his viral presence isn´t even that big (anymore):

more or less 4500 followers on Facebook, 400 on Twitter and an unknown number for his blog.

For a fact, I know, that especially in Germany his story was all over the news and very popular so maybe the reason for this is that his blog has been quiet for quite a while and followers have unsubscribed.

Therefore it probably would have been interesting to take a closer look in November 2013, when his viral presence was at is peak.

But anyways, this case shows how much publicity is possible with sharing travel experiences and stories.

So, Let´s hope the best for tripntravels!

Hello from Ruth!

In August ´15 we went to Gibraltar and I saw my first monkeys in nature :)

© Niklas Illenseer

Hi there,

I´m Ruth and one of the two Germans here.

 I love travelling and in my 21 years here on earth I guess I´ve seen quite a bit.

As a child I saw a lot of Germany and Europe since my Mum never wanted to go on “big” vacations. Our favorite destination was my aunties little bach in Damp a the Baltic sea where we would spend days at the beach and go horseriding.  It was after school that I finally could go as far as possible and stayed in New Zealand for 9 months, which I absolutely loved.  But even more important: There I discovered how much I love seeing new countries, meeting new people, experience other cultures and just get out of my “normal” life.  Now I am in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain, doing my ERASMUS and exploring the country. Pretty sure there´s more to come!

Since New Zealand and after I´ve loved to share my experiences on my blog and that´s why I am so excited about tripsntravels.

But why would you even bother starting a new blog then?

Well, that´s easy:

If you like travelling you probably know this: everytime you want to go to a new place it´s the same questions over and over again:

What do I need to see?

What is totally overrated?

What´s the secret spot to go to?

Where do I get the best food?

What´s the cheapest and nicest hostel?

How do I get there best?

So, hopefully we can help you sort this out!!!

Happy Travels!