Blogging, blogging, blogging and looking back

During the past few weeks we needed to blog every week at least about one topic and share one post with the community. This was a really good experience for me! Although I already had experiences in blogging, multimedia and social media, this task in the class of James Breiner showed me that there is still a lot to learn. I understand know how important it is to insert links, pictures and – for me the most important learning – to blog regularly. I try to keep this in my mind!

Everything started a few weeks ago with a little post – presenting ourself and our connection to the topic travelling. As you can read in the article travelling gets more and more important to me and I will like after this exchange adventure, I still want to see more. More nature, more cultures, more people, more different countries. All in all: More trips and more travel.

Durin the research for my own blog post I founds some blogs which are really great and I totally recommend. I just to read different travel blogs before but since we started our own blog my view was more focused, I concentrated on different parts of the blog and tried to find some blogs which really make a good job. That was for example Canvas of light. He shows how important good photography is to make your blog look awesome. Moreover, he shows the connection between photography and travelling with his beautiful pictures of natures, culture and landscape. This blog was really inspiring for me because I love photography and learn to get better.

© Canvas of light

© Canvas of light

Another blog which was really impressing for me is Jungles in Paris. They use different ways of presenting information to make their blog more interesting. This kind of transmedia journalism is really interesting for me as a communication student and I think they do a fantastic job telling you stories about different countries, cultures and landscapes.

©Jungles in Paris

©Jungles in Paris

Besides the two blogs I presented, there are different blogs which were presented by Ruth and Paige! Have a look at these ones aswell! There are wonderful food blogs like Eat Your World or Melting Butter. If you like to get a great overview what you can do in a short time, have a look at 12 hours or be a part of a trip around the world without any money and get to know Journeyman.

As promised, we showed you aswell how to organize your next trip. With different links and hopefully helpful comments, you can start planning your next trip!

For me the time writing on this blog was really fun and helpful. I am still very happy with my team and hope that we will continue our friendship, blog and travel experience! ❤

By the way: Travel experience – check out our travel map if you are interested which places we already visited!


tripntravels: teaching me!

As you may know, tripntravels was started by Paige, Julia and me as a group project in the class Multimedia Communication at the university of Navarra. Each week we were giving new tasks to enhance or blogging skills and gain experiences in the usage of multimedia. To not only do randome excercises we had to choose a topic, which obviously for us was travelling and especially short trips.

As all of us are either already in our last years of uni and write our own blogs, we already had quite a few experiences and knowledge of how blogging and how to do what. But still it was a good to revue best practices and try out some new tools.

I started my other blog when I went to live in New Zealand, mostly for my family and friends to see what I´m up to. That´s why I never cared about linkbuilding, traffic or having an instagram or twitter account. Since I´m planning to do a around the world trip after graduation, though, I´m very interested in improving my blogging skills and learning how to create a succesful blog. So next to reading other succesful blogs, it was great practicing myself a bit. In the close future I will probably move all the content from rutharoundtheglobe to a wordpress account to kick off being more professional.

One of our tasks was to talk about something related to our topic that was inspirational. I´ve always been a big fan of Fabian Sixtus Körner but now I got the chance to talk about it. Also, this post showed me how nice it can be to talk about something else except your travels all the time. For our Group it was great to see what my friends liked to get to know more about them and to somehow establish roles in the team. Julia for example became our photo expert, while Paige the food-junkie.

The next post was meant to be about tools that are useful for our blog. In our case: any websites you use for travelling – I got excited about that because these website didn´t only mean a blogpost but rather better travels for us. In this case the research was even more fun than ever and now we got our collection to plan travels from the general surroundings, to planning activities and last but not least: food.

Last week we were meant to talk about the best work done on our topic this year. I really enjoyed this again because it made me take time to look at other blogs.Usually I am so planned that I never let myself read blog but now I actually had an excuse: it´s homework. Again: here I learned more than in any class, you see what works for a blog. When looking at successful blogs you figure out what they do different and take a little bit of that for yourself. Myself learned that the more you focus on a niche or a certain topic the better. 12hrs for example do 12 hour long trips in any city but with a focus on design and art. From Jungle in Paris I learned how important multimedia in fact is, not only Social media but also including different types of media in your blog.

Right now, we are unsure what will happen to tripntravels after this class – I hope we manage to keep doing it. But if we do, I am sure we have learned a lot and will be better bloggers than before. Thanks to Mr. Breiner and the www we learned things without even noticing. Isn´t that great? So let´s see, what will happen and never say never.

As always: Happy Travels, talk soon,


PS: Yes we learned it is good to put photos, but right now there´s no photo I would want to put here (I don´t like randomeness) 😉

Hola! Paige Here!


© Paige Grover

Hello! My name is Paige and I’m a 23 year old from Edmonton, Canada. I want to start out this first blog post to say why I have my own personal connection with Tripntravels.

Unlike my wonderful blog co-writers, I haven’t traveled that much in my lifetime. Growing up in Canada, travel can be expensive and difficult, seeing as it’s such a large country. I’ve spent most of my life camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains and in Western Canada. For a long time, this satisfied my traveling needs. However, as more and more friends traveled to other countries and continents, I became more curious as to what else there was to see.

This curiosity drove me to apply to go on exchange on Pamplona, Spain where I currently am living. I chose a destination in Europe because of the accessibility of trips (and travels). Thus, my interest in creating a blog on helping others plan trips is to create an interest and further excitement in traveling the world.

Having never been traveling, I looked to the internet to see where were good locations to visit, the easiest ways to get there, and what to see when I arrived. It drove me to create a place where I could share any knowledge I gained on traveling to help others who were thinking about going to similar places and were just starting out.

So here starts a domain where my co-writers and I will share our gained knowledge and let others know our learned travel secrets!

Happy travels,


Hello from Ruth!

In August ´15 we went to Gibraltar and I saw my first monkeys in nature :)

© Niklas Illenseer

Hi there,

I´m Ruth and one of the two Germans here.

 I love travelling and in my 21 years here on earth I guess I´ve seen quite a bit.

As a child I saw a lot of Germany and Europe since my Mum never wanted to go on “big” vacations. Our favorite destination was my aunties little bach in Damp a the Baltic sea where we would spend days at the beach and go horseriding.  It was after school that I finally could go as far as possible and stayed in New Zealand for 9 months, which I absolutely loved.  But even more important: There I discovered how much I love seeing new countries, meeting new people, experience other cultures and just get out of my “normal” life.  Now I am in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain, doing my ERASMUS and exploring the country. Pretty sure there´s more to come!

Since New Zealand and after I´ve loved to share my experiences on my blog and that´s why I am so excited about tripsntravels.

But why would you even bother starting a new blog then?

Well, that´s easy:

If you like travelling you probably know this: everytime you want to go to a new place it´s the same questions over and over again:

What do I need to see?

What is totally overrated?

What´s the secret spot to go to?

Where do I get the best food?

What´s the cheapest and nicest hostel?

How do I get there best?

So, hopefully we can help you sort this out!!!

Happy Travels!

Julia and her Tripntravels

Julia Tripntravels Thailand

©Julia Renke

Hello everybody!

This is Julia – 24 years old and from Germany – and I would like to tell you what Tripntravels means to me. I really love to travel and think it is a great chance to get to know different cultures, types of nature and people, of course. But I am not that person who can say that I travelled since I was a child because my family and I never did big vacations. We always went away for a few days or a week and went to some nice islands in Germany or Denmark – the country right next to us. That was totally fun and I never would like to miss these trips!

When I got older I wanted to travel farther away and explore the world on my own. In this time my love to travelling and getting to know other countries started ❤ I went for short vacation to different parts of Europe, spent a couple of weeks in Asia and now started my exchange adventure in Spain. But check out where I have already been. As everybody of you probably know – travelling takes some money and sometimes a lot of organisation. On this point you have to use tripntravels! We really want to help you planning your trip by telling you our experiences! This includes questions like: Which is the best way to get to this city? How can I save money? Which place is nice for lunch? Which things do I have to visit?

But let’s start and you will see!