Melting Butter – A Great Blog to Check Out!

Following the trend this week, I want to point out another great blog related to travel! Ruth already posted about 12 hrs, and Julia has given you some more information on the blog Jungles in Paris. Check out their awesome posts!

As for me, I’d like to show off a blog I particularly like, Melting Butter.

“Melting Butter is the online source for curated travel hotspots for the aesthetically inclined.” (Melting Butter)

I like to think of myself as a person appreciative of pleasing aesthetics, and I enjoy a good Instagram post of a perfect looking meal or a cute, rustic locale – so Melting Butter is a great site so satisfy these interests.

© Melting Butter

© Melting Butter

You can start by choosing a destination, if you already have a location in mind that you would like to visit. Here it’s broken into arts & culture, food & drink, features, hotels, nightlife, etc. Melting Butter has truly done all of the work for those of us who appreciate a cultured vacation.

Under their Food & Drink section, you can check out many posts on great restaurant or cafe finds. You can check out Nightlife if that’s the kind of think you enjoy, or Arts & Culture if that more your scene. The website has editors who combine information from many contributors who research the locations.

Example of a Nightlife find © Melting Butter

Example of a Nightlife find
© Melting Butter

Check them out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


Have a look at Jungles in Paris!

This week we want to recommend you some other travel blogs which did especially in the last year a great job showing us the different places and cultures off the world. Ruth already showed you her favourite blog, which is awesome! Have a look on her post about 12 hours!

I would love to present you the blog Jungles in Paris which is a great site of travel experience, photography and video.



They don’t tell you directly, what kind of stuff you need to do when you visit a country, but they inform you extremely good and interesting about different cultures, animals, nature or people in countries all over the world. With this kind of transmedia journalism, they take you with them to all the places they have visited and the stories behind it.

Jungles in Paris is written by Darrell and Oliver Hartman, two brothers, who already have experience in writing. They get help from different people how to great photography or video documentation – that’s how their blog becomes a multimedia experience!

Painted Ladies - ©Jungles in Paris

Painted Ladies – ©Jungles in Paris

Grizzlies of Greater Yellowstone - ©Jungles in Paris

Grizzlies of Greater Yellowstone – ©Jungles in Paris

The reason why they want to show you all these pictures, videos, stories and background information?

“The planet has been charted and documented, and yet there are still discoveries to be made. Unfamiliar ways of living and extreme natural environments help us gain perspective…Jungles in Paris attempts to tell edifying, inspiring stories that celebrate the multi-colored variety of the world around us” (Jungles in Paris)

If you want to get to know these great guys better, have a look at these Interview with Darrell and Oliver Hartman by The Widow. Moreover, you can find Jungles in Paris on nearly every social media channel and never miss a new interesting story. Have a look at Jungles in Paris on facebook, twitter or Instagram!

I really recommend their blog because they do such a professional and interesting work and I hope you also have a look on the blog of these talented guys and enjoy the stories about culture, geography, wildlife and so much more.

And for sure, enjoy your own next trip!

Aspirational Work I: 12 hrs

12 hours

©12 hours

It would be silly of us to only write and write and write without looking on what other people do to help you plan your perfect trip. There is an unknown number of travel blogs, “how to spend a day in”, etc. …. That makes it hard to find the one that suits you best. I´ve been clicking through loads of blogs, liking most of them but today I want to show you my favorite one.

12 hrs.

 “Travel Guide for people like you.”

That should speak for itself. But let them tell you a bit more about themselves.

Travel Guides off the beaten paths, filled with secret spots, flavor and design.”

Søren Jepsen, one of the founders of 12 hours, does the photos and design not only for this blog but for several others.



12 hour long iteneraries that boil down the best a place has to offer in one hand shedule.

Not only Søren but also Anna Peuckert, the second founder, have experience with writing for national and international newspapers like Vogue UK.

©12 hours

©12 hrs

“Collected by us, for you, to help you get the best out of your trip.”

“You” at 12 hrs means people that like travelling but also design, fashion and art. But the authors even go further. They show how to explore any city in 12 hours, leaving out the obvious touristy stuff, showing their favorite secret spots instead.

The first thing you will enjoy when visiting 12 hrs are the beautiful photos. For more of these, you should like me, follow their Instagram. In general their Social Media strategy is amazing and they seem to be on any channel possible.


Then I love how they meet locals, tell their stories and show their favorite spots. After I´ve just recently been to Barcelona I enjoyed reading their feature with Nuria where she  took them to a couple of her favorite places like the Park de Montjuic or  La Boqueria. Surprise, those two also are some of our favorites – “A weekend in Barcelona” coming up soon;)


©12 hrs alltomorrowparties

But they don´t only do 12 hours trips. Anna and Søren also blog about places they really enjoy may it be a new popupstore in New Zealand,  a Hotel in Paris or a Café in Geneva.

The shelter in Auckland, New Zealand

©12 hrs The shelter in Auckland, New Zealand

My favourite section on 12 hrs, though, is – surprise – the photostories.Take a look at On the streets of Milan and admire, might it be the art of taking photos or the beauty of the women.

©12 hrs. Isn´t this how you´d imagine Milan?

©12 hrs. Isn´t this how you´d imagine Milan?

I like their straight line, their passion and affection. So don´t miss this jewel.

Oh, and after clicking through all the nice stories don´t forget to sign up for the newsletter and planning your next trips.

Happy Travels! 🙂

PS. We got an Instagram-Feed !!!! Hurray!

Find Food Wherever You Are

I’m going to keep talking about my favourite topic – food. Julia has told you how to get to your destination, Ruth has told you how to find things to do once you’re there, so it’s only fitting that I give you some tips about eating while traveling!

Traditional Pintxos in Pamplona

Traditional Pintxos in Pamplona © Paige Grover

A popular website to find restaurants is one that Ruth already mentioned, TripAdvisor, where you can search for restaurants based on where you are going, and sort them based on food type, ratings, price, etc. Another website similar to this is Yelp which has restaurants from around the world. Again, you can search for food based on where you’ll be and filter it by type of food or ratings. If you’re looking for an on-the-go version, Urbanspoon is a great app that performs similar searches!

Another great website to get a feel for what the locals eat, is Spotted By Locals! In their About Us section they state, “We handpick our locals (‘Spotters’) and meet them in person in their city. Our Spotters live in the city they write about, speak the local language, write only about their favourite spots, and keep their articles up-to-date”. You can choose the location you wish to go to, then read reviews about different places people who know the area recommend! But if choose to visit a restaurant, don’t forget to check OpenTable to see if you can make a reservation from the comfort of your home!

For a different culinary experience, check out Eat With! This cool website has found different chefs around the world who will serve you from the comfort of their own home! They put together their own menus, and you get to watch the chef cook the food and get to know them in the process! You just put what city you will be in, and different “events” on different dates will pop up showing you the chef and what they will be cooking! Another website with a similar concept is Meal Sharing.

If having someone else cook for you isn’t your thing, maybe try one of MANY cooking classes offered around the world! This is a fabulous way to learn more about the culture you’re visiting by making traditional dishes! And learning a thing or two about cooking while you’re at it! Check out The International Kitchen to find cooking classes around the globe! This way, you can relive your travels when back at home for cooking traditional cuisine for all of your friends and family.

I hope you take in all of this information for your next trip – and have some food-filled fun!

How to make your day a YAY!:)

Travel Plans

© Ruth Rottwitt

Julia already told you how to make all the neccesary bookings and plan the where, when and how. So let´s focus on how to get the best out of your stay!

It´s the same for all of us. When going to a new city with a limited amount of time we only want to see the most beautiful things and do the most fun stuff. Next to the Must Dos, of course. But what are these things? What are the secret little spots you must see? Tripadvisor is my favorite page to figure out what to do and see. Here other travellers tell about their experiences, list activities, accomodation, restaurants and bars and with the Star-system it´s easy for you to decided what´s your favorite.

Timeout is another great option, similar to Tripadvisor, to find tips for your stay.

The most obvious way to explore a new city are the red tourist busses of City-Sightseeing which you will find in almost every city and cannot miss. Usually they are more or less cheap but let you hop on and off whereever you feel like it.

However, I prefer not going on the bus but taking my time and walking a city because I believe it let´s me see more little details. Therefore I love the free walking tours that you can find everywhere,too. Putting “free walking tour” and your destination´s name will lead you to a lot of results like Free Tours by Foot. These tours don´t cost you a cent and in the end you just pay what you think it was worth. I have the feeling this is the reason for the guides being more motivated and giving better tours. Try it out next time!

I´m sure you´ve heard of this since it was so popular and everyone seemed to “check-in”. You probably know what I´m talking about: Foursquare. This service let´s you search for places in any city, shows you where your friends have been and just recently started to remind your preferences and leads you to similar spots. There goes our data – but, well. What I really like about Foursquare is that it´s offered also as an app and you can use it on the go, receiving advices around your current location.

I could keep going for ages listing tons of nice services and websites but I guess this is my favorite selection and should assure you having a brilliant trip!

So have fun, enjoy and HAPPY TRAVELS!

P.S. Never forget to check the weather!

How to organize a trip to Madrid?

Houses of Madrid

©Julia Renke

This whole blog is about our experiences with trips and traveling that may help you to check out what to do.

But what other websites may help you went you want to travel? Especially if you want to plan everything on your own?

The internet offers a huge choice of different blogs, websites, articles and different stuff which could help you. But the amount of possibilities is way too big to decide. That’s why we want to show you some of our favorite sources for planning a trip. For example a trip to the beautiful capital of Spain: Madrid!

At first you have to decide how to go there. By plane? Train? Bus? Car? You have to compare different prices and find out what’s the cheapest and fastest way to go Madrid. If you want to check on different types to go there you can visit websites like rome2rio or go euro. They give you a first overview about all the different possibilities. On the other hand you don’t have the possibility to check the prices for a flexible range of dates or origins.

If you are sure, that you want (or have to) go by plane to Madrid, you should check the different prices online. Skyscanner gives you the possibility to see the prices for a whole month. The best way to find the cheapest flight if you are flexible! Kayak is a another good website to compare flight prices. You can look for specific dates, +/- 3 days or other options. Moreover, there is the possibility to add different airports which are not far away from the cities you entered. This is helpful is you live in an area with some airports not far away and you don’t really care which one you fly from.

If you wan to go to Madrid by bus, train or car, you are probably already in Spain. To book your train ticket, you should check Renfe. You will get a better price if you book early or if you book a seat for 4 persons. Good opportunity if you travel with a group of friends! For going by bus you should check on ALSA or Movelia. You can book all tickets directly online or at a bus station. For going by car, you can rent a car which is a little expensive or you can join a person who’s anyways going to Madrid. You will find nice opportunities on BlaBlaCar.

Usually the train is the fastest way to travel in Spain, but is more expensive than the bus. The bus system is pretty good and cheap, so it will cost you for example around 20 Euro to go from the North of Spain to Madrid. But you can make a good deal going by train if you book early. BlaBlaCar is always nice because you meet new people. You have to find someone who is driving the time you like, but if you want someone, it will probably fast and cheap.

Of course, you also need an accommodation. Of course, you can go on popular websites to compare prices for hostels and hotels like Booking, Hostelbookers or Tripadvisor. If you want to get to know the people in Madrid, you can also use Airbnb. You will live in a whole flat of someone or in a separated room with different peoples who are living in Madrid. This is a safe and nice opportunity. Moreover, it is cheap compared to other possibilities of renting an apartment. Even cheaper is Couchsurfing. You sleep on the couch, a guest bed or something else in the apartment of someone in Madrid for free. Most times that’s not as comfortable as other possibilities but it’s a nice way to get to know people from different cities and countries!

That should be enough! There are a lot of possibilities for you – now go and plan your next trip to Madrid!

Eat Your World

Some people may ask me “Paige, what’s your favourite thing about traveling?” Is it the views? The photos? The people you meet along the way? Yes, yes! It’s all that. But one of my FAVOURITE things about traveling is the FOOD!

Eating food in different countries and cities is a great way of experiencing culture first hand. Food brings people together and is a shared point of interest when getting to know others. Plus, it tastes so good! My shared love for food and travel is what sparked my interest in Eat Your World, “a guide to regional food and drinks around the globe founded on the principle that what you eat depends on where you are.”

Eat Your World is run by Laura Siciliano-Rosen, a travel-food writer, and Scott Rosen, a photographer. They share my philosophy that eating food in new places is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Eat Your World is a fantastic accessible and interactive website and blog for food and travel lovers.

One of their functions is spotlighting food and drinks that are native or traditional to different areas around the world; this includes locally grown or made food. This is an amazing asset to travellers who have never been to an area, or travellers who are just looking for a new place to eat!

With this map, you can search for regional foods by clicking on any of the pinpoints. As you can see, it’s incredibly diverse!

For example, if you click on Spain, it takes you to a page describing the local cuisine, blog posts by the couple, and user submitted content. See below, their pick of best food in San Sebastián: Pintxos of course! They list the best places to get a pintxo in one of the food capitals of Spain.


EYW’s page on pintxos in San Sebastián! © Paige Grover

A great thing about EYW is that they don’t want to just brag about where they have traveled and what culinary experiences they’ve enjoyed. They invite all individuals to get involved and post their own photos and stories describing their culinary adventures; food they’ve enjoyed, cooking practices they’ve learned, and specific restaurant experiences. This shared community of food and travel lovers alike is why I am so excited to share this website. Eat Your World is the perfect place to express fondness for enjoying food around the globe to enhance every travel experience.

Until next time,


Canvas of Light

Daniel Nahabedian

Daniel Nahabedian © Daniel Nahabedian

Photography and travel – for me this two things will always belong together. Photography is a different way to keep your travel experience in mind, focus on special details of the trip and share your experience with others. Daniel Nahabedian shows this on his blog Canvas of light how to do this in a brilliant way.

Daniel Nahabedian is a professional photographer, specializing on landscapes, culture and nature. He travels all around the world and shares all of his travel experiences with his community by showing the pictures he took on his blog. This is a different way to let people be part of your experience than a written blog and shows the different opportunities travel bloggers have. Daniel Nahabedian works after a code of ethics which includes for example avoid stereotypes and respect every human being. He does not want to show misery because he thinks that this will make the gap between people even bigger. So you see, he is not only a photographer, he also thinks about the people and cultures he visits and tries to show the beauty of each country.

Spring Blossoms - Granada, Spain. Source: Canvas of light

Spring Blossoms – Granada, Spain. Source: Canvas of light © Daniel Nahabedian

Dusky Leaf Monkeys in South Thailand. Source: Canvas of light

Dusky Leaf Monkeys in South Thailand. Source: Canvas of light © Daniel Nahabedian

Abu Dhabi in monochrome. Source: Canvas of light

Abu Dhabi in monochrome. Source: Canvas of light © Daniel Nahabedian

Young monk meditating. Source: Canvas of light

Young monk meditating. Source: Canvas of light © Daniel Nahabedian

Dancing Maasai - Tanzania by Canvas of light

Dancing Maasai – Tanzania by Canvas of light © Daniel Nahabedian

Besides showing this beauty and trying to make people curious, the knowledge of photography is very important to him. That’s the reason why he is not only sharing his experiences and photographs, he also offers proper tutorials and workshops. Moreover, he blogs about some special difficulties in photography for example “How to photograph the moon“. Moreover, he offers all the information about the equipment he uses which is very helpful for people who are not only interested in travel, but in photography aswell.

Next to the amazing photographs and useful advice for improving your photography skills it would be interesting to get more information about the travel itself. This may be the biggest difference to other travel bloggers which focus on writing and just add some pictures. Daniel Nahabadian tells his story by showing his images, not by using words. Because of this difference, I wanted you to get to know him and his beautiful work.

Of course, as a blogger, he also uses social media. He has around 4.700 followers on his facebook account, more than 21.000 on Instagram and is also on Pinterest, Twitter and Google +. You can find him so in nearly every popular social media and improve your daily routine by following him and watch beautiful photos from all over the world.

“Photography is drawing with light” –  Danial Nahabadian

Stories of a Journeyman

I first heard of Fabian Sixtus Körner when I was researching events to talk about in our radio station back home.

One guy, 5 continents and a lot of jobs.” All of that with 255€. He booked a one way ticket to Shanghai, sold his stuff and left.

“WOW”, I thought. I want to see this. So I went to Cafebar Rossi, ordered a Chai Latte and saw his photos.

Amazing photos. 


© Fabian Sixtus Koerner


© Fabian Sixtus Koerner


© Fabian Sixtus Koerner


© Fabian Sixtus Koerner

That´s how I became a fan. I started following his blog, reading his book and just finding out more about his travels. At the same time he became a shooting star in Germany. With his book in the “Spiegel Bestseller List” for a decent amount of time and also reaching publicity all around the globe.

The reason why I am (and probably a lot of others, too) so impressed by him is simple:

He travels in a way I am dreaming of, but probably wasn´t brave enough at that time. So I wanted to learn from him. Inspired by the traditional journeymen, Fabian Sixtus Körner decided to be a design-journeyman.

Not booking hostels, staying with locals, working for accomodation and food, really experiencing the local culture.

That´s proper travelling, I´d say.

That´s not the only impressive fact, though. What hes been doing since this travel is inspirational, too:

He has written a book, read it around Germany, did exhibitions like the one I went to, hold TED talks and of course kept travelling and blogging about it.

Unfortunately his viral presence isn´t even that big (anymore):

more or less 4500 followers on Facebook, 400 on Twitter and an unknown number for his blog.

For a fact, I know, that especially in Germany his story was all over the news and very popular so maybe the reason for this is that his blog has been quiet for quite a while and followers have unsubscribed.

Therefore it probably would have been interesting to take a closer look in November 2013, when his viral presence was at is peak.

But anyways, this case shows how much publicity is possible with sharing travel experiences and stories.

So, Let´s hope the best for tripntravels!