Canvas of Light

Daniel Nahabedian

Daniel Nahabedian © Daniel Nahabedian

Photography and travel – for me this two things will always belong together. Photography is a different way to keep your travel experience in mind, focus on special details of the trip and share your experience with others. Daniel Nahabedian shows this on his blog Canvas of light how to do this in a brilliant way.

Daniel Nahabedian is a professional photographer, specializing on landscapes, culture and nature. He travels all around the world and shares all of his travel experiences with his community by showing the pictures he took on his blog. This is a different way to let people be part of your experience than a written blog and shows the different opportunities travel bloggers have. Daniel Nahabedian works after a code of ethics which includes for example avoid stereotypes and respect every human being. He does not want to show misery because he thinks that this will make the gap between people even bigger. So you see, he is not only a photographer, he also thinks about the people and cultures he visits and tries to show the beauty of each country.

Spring Blossoms - Granada, Spain. Source: Canvas of light

Spring Blossoms – Granada, Spain. Source: Canvas of light © Daniel Nahabedian

Dusky Leaf Monkeys in South Thailand. Source: Canvas of light

Dusky Leaf Monkeys in South Thailand. Source: Canvas of light © Daniel Nahabedian

Abu Dhabi in monochrome. Source: Canvas of light

Abu Dhabi in monochrome. Source: Canvas of light © Daniel Nahabedian

Young monk meditating. Source: Canvas of light

Young monk meditating. Source: Canvas of light © Daniel Nahabedian

Dancing Maasai - Tanzania by Canvas of light

Dancing Maasai – Tanzania by Canvas of light © Daniel Nahabedian

Besides showing this beauty and trying to make people curious, the knowledge of photography is very important to him. That’s the reason why he is not only sharing his experiences and photographs, he also offers proper tutorials and workshops. Moreover, he blogs about some special difficulties in photography for example “How to photograph the moon“. Moreover, he offers all the information about the equipment he uses which is very helpful for people who are not only interested in travel, but in photography aswell.

Next to the amazing photographs and useful advice for improving your photography skills it would be interesting to get more information about the travel itself. This may be the biggest difference to other travel bloggers which focus on writing and just add some pictures. Daniel Nahabadian tells his story by showing his images, not by using words. Because of this difference, I wanted you to get to know him and his beautiful work.

Of course, as a blogger, he also uses social media. He has around 4.700 followers on his facebook account, more than 21.000 on Instagram and is also on Pinterest, Twitter and Google +. You can find him so in nearly every popular social media and improve your daily routine by following him and watch beautiful photos from all over the world.

“Photography is drawing with light” –  Danial Nahabadian


Stories of a Journeyman

I first heard of Fabian Sixtus Körner when I was researching events to talk about in our radio station back home.

One guy, 5 continents and a lot of jobs.” All of that with 255€. He booked a one way ticket to Shanghai, sold his stuff and left.

“WOW”, I thought. I want to see this. So I went to Cafebar Rossi, ordered a Chai Latte and saw his photos.

Amazing photos. 


© Fabian Sixtus Koerner


© Fabian Sixtus Koerner


© Fabian Sixtus Koerner


© Fabian Sixtus Koerner

That´s how I became a fan. I started following his blog, reading his book and just finding out more about his travels. At the same time he became a shooting star in Germany. With his book in the “Spiegel Bestseller List” for a decent amount of time and also reaching publicity all around the globe.

The reason why I am (and probably a lot of others, too) so impressed by him is simple:

He travels in a way I am dreaming of, but probably wasn´t brave enough at that time. So I wanted to learn from him. Inspired by the traditional journeymen, Fabian Sixtus Körner decided to be a design-journeyman.

Not booking hostels, staying with locals, working for accomodation and food, really experiencing the local culture.

That´s proper travelling, I´d say.

That´s not the only impressive fact, though. What hes been doing since this travel is inspirational, too:

He has written a book, read it around Germany, did exhibitions like the one I went to, hold TED talks and of course kept travelling and blogging about it.

Unfortunately his viral presence isn´t even that big (anymore):

more or less 4500 followers on Facebook, 400 on Twitter and an unknown number for his blog.

For a fact, I know, that especially in Germany his story was all over the news and very popular so maybe the reason for this is that his blog has been quiet for quite a while and followers have unsubscribed.

Therefore it probably would have been interesting to take a closer look in November 2013, when his viral presence was at is peak.

But anyways, this case shows how much publicity is possible with sharing travel experiences and stories.

So, Let´s hope the best for tripntravels!

Hola! Paige Here!


© Paige Grover

Hello! My name is Paige and I’m a 23 year old from Edmonton, Canada. I want to start out this first blog post to say why I have my own personal connection with Tripntravels.

Unlike my wonderful blog co-writers, I haven’t traveled that much in my lifetime. Growing up in Canada, travel can be expensive and difficult, seeing as it’s such a large country. I’ve spent most of my life camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains and in Western Canada. For a long time, this satisfied my traveling needs. However, as more and more friends traveled to other countries and continents, I became more curious as to what else there was to see.

This curiosity drove me to apply to go on exchange on Pamplona, Spain where I currently am living. I chose a destination in Europe because of the accessibility of trips (and travels). Thus, my interest in creating a blog on helping others plan trips is to create an interest and further excitement in traveling the world.

Having never been traveling, I looked to the internet to see where were good locations to visit, the easiest ways to get there, and what to see when I arrived. It drove me to create a place where I could share any knowledge I gained on traveling to help others who were thinking about going to similar places and were just starting out.

So here starts a domain where my co-writers and I will share our gained knowledge and let others know our learned travel secrets!

Happy travels,


Hello from Ruth!

In August ´15 we went to Gibraltar and I saw my first monkeys in nature :)

© Niklas Illenseer

Hi there,

I´m Ruth and one of the two Germans here.

 I love travelling and in my 21 years here on earth I guess I´ve seen quite a bit.

As a child I saw a lot of Germany and Europe since my Mum never wanted to go on “big” vacations. Our favorite destination was my aunties little bach in Damp a the Baltic sea where we would spend days at the beach and go horseriding.  It was after school that I finally could go as far as possible and stayed in New Zealand for 9 months, which I absolutely loved.  But even more important: There I discovered how much I love seeing new countries, meeting new people, experience other cultures and just get out of my “normal” life.  Now I am in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain, doing my ERASMUS and exploring the country. Pretty sure there´s more to come!

Since New Zealand and after I´ve loved to share my experiences on my blog and that´s why I am so excited about tripsntravels.

But why would you even bother starting a new blog then?

Well, that´s easy:

If you like travelling you probably know this: everytime you want to go to a new place it´s the same questions over and over again:

What do I need to see?

What is totally overrated?

What´s the secret spot to go to?

Where do I get the best food?

What´s the cheapest and nicest hostel?

How do I get there best?

So, hopefully we can help you sort this out!!!

Happy Travels!

Julia and her Tripntravels

Julia Tripntravels Thailand

©Julia Renke

Hello everybody!

This is Julia – 24 years old and from Germany – and I would like to tell you what Tripntravels means to me. I really love to travel and think it is a great chance to get to know different cultures, types of nature and people, of course. But I am not that person who can say that I travelled since I was a child because my family and I never did big vacations. We always went away for a few days or a week and went to some nice islands in Germany or Denmark – the country right next to us. That was totally fun and I never would like to miss these trips!

When I got older I wanted to travel farther away and explore the world on my own. In this time my love to travelling and getting to know other countries started ❤ I went for short vacation to different parts of Europe, spent a couple of weeks in Asia and now started my exchange adventure in Spain. But check out where I have already been. As everybody of you probably know – travelling takes some money and sometimes a lot of organisation. On this point you have to use tripntravels! We really want to help you planning your trip by telling you our experiences! This includes questions like: Which is the best way to get to this city? How can I save money? Which place is nice for lunch? Which things do I have to visit?

But let’s start and you will see!